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Comparing times and spaces
Historical, theoretical and methodological approaches to comparative education
Suvi Jokila, Johanna Kallo, Risto Rinne (Eds.)

This volume highlights current comparative education research conducted in the Nordic countries. The leitmotifs of the selected articles of this volume are time and space, which are both internalized themes in comparative research. The articles illustrate the tenacious interest in comparative research and reflect on the latest paradigmatic...

Year: 2015 | 258 pages | ISBN: 978-952-5401-71-4 | Product code: 69

Price: 30,00 €


Enabling Education
Hannu L. T. Heikkinen, Josephine Moate, Marja-Kristiina Lerkkanen (Eds.)
Price 31,00 €
Koulutuksen yhteiskunnallinen ymmärrys. Social Perspectives on Education
Kivirauma Joel, Jauhiainen Arto, Seppänen Piia, Kaunisto Tuuli (toim./Eds.)
Price 30,00 €
Piaget is dead, Vygotsky is still alive, or?
Aunio Pirjo, Jahnukainen Markku, Kalland Mirjam & Silvonen Jussi (Eds.)
Price 28,00 €
School and choice: An ethnography of a primar school with bilingual classes
Rajander Silja
Price 29,00 €

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